Duty: To and From the Well

I love capitalism, but I'm afraid it's perverted Christianity. The problem isn't that capitalism and Christianity cannot harmoniously coexist - they can (I touched on this in Walking Through Walls). In fact, I believe capitalism can be a wonderful and God-glorifying structure if approached properly.

But Christianity isn't capitalism.

In our American marketplace, we strive to create value and then be paid for said value. I make a widget and you deem said widget to be worth your money, so you buy it from me. There is value exchanged there - the value of the widget for the value of the money. 

Every Bit of Growth

About six months ago, I hurt my arm. I was training jiu-jitsu and because of a mistake I made, a full grown man fell with all of his weight on my right arm. I tried to play the tough guy, but you can't be tough when you turn white and nauseous. It was a serious injury, and it turns out it was to a nerve.

I have trained through the injury until the other day, when I could barely lift my arm to my head. I am going to have to take some time off of training. I hate sitting out. I really do. But I know something without a shred of doubt:

God is doing something here.

Choose To Be Poor in Spirit (Don't End Up With The Pigs)

In the Parable of the Prodigal Son, there are two sons. One finagles his inheritance early, and spends it in debauchery. The other son, meanwhile, remains at home serving his father's estate. Now the one who squandered his inheritance ends up homeless and dirt poor. He starts to be jealous of the pigs eating slop out of a trough.

Well, you probably know the story, but in case you don't - the rebellious son comes home. And instead of the father giving him a stern talking to, he embraces him and celebrates him with a feast.

The other (older) brother ain't happy.