Our Behavior Belies our Belief

Yet wisdom is justified by all her children. (Luke 7:35)

I stopped by a coffee shop today with a peace and love theme. Everything was this hippie peace and love vibe - except its owner. As I ordered, she smiled at me and took my order, a large coffee with a little room. And then she took a phone call where she completely berated a salesperson and hung up on them.

It was highly ironic. Here I am in this supposed little enclave of love and peace and caffeine and yet its founder only had the caffeine part down. Chill tunes and the smell of coffee and peace signs everywhere and disrespect. Huh.

I'm not immune to this hypocrisy. None of us are. The truth is that our behavior belies our belief.

How to Lead Successfully at Work, Home, and in Ministry

There's this targeted ad that keeps popping up in my Instagram feed. I won't name names, as hating on this guy and his program isn't helpful and frankly I don't know enough about him to run my mouth. But the gist is that he will teach you how to unleash the warrior within so you can successfully run your life like a boss. 

I'm not sure if the algorithms have heard the questions pinging around in my head or if it's just so dang obvious that people in my demographic are struggling, but somehow this ad keeps showing itself again and again. I do know one thing - many of us are overwhelmed, and it isn't just men. It is outright bewildering to live in today's world, with the heartbreaks of the globe running a ticker tape with your phone going off and what do we do with social media and racial divisiveness and gender identity and mass shootings and how to raise a child in this world and political correctness and -

You get the point.

What if God Doesn't Exist?

Sometimes you need to question your beliefs. I think many of us subconsciously believe that our faith cannot withstand questions, and if that be the case, we need to question all the more.

So what if God doesn't exist?

Yesterday I awoke early from a bad dream. I was pursued by violent men everywhere I went. I hid and I hid and I hid. I'd see a guy crouch in a window with a rifle and remember I wasn't safe anywhere. It made me think of David in the Psalms: