4 Ways to Stay Young

The other day it was bitter cold outside. So cold, in fact, that my kids wanted to stay inside. (This never happens.) It was a weekend so I was home with them. Now I get cabin fever if I'm stuck in the house for a few hours, but my kiddos saw it as an opportunity. We built a giant pillow fort and played video games. We ate good food and laughed and made a complete mess of the house.

Kids are beautiful creatures. They laugh and play and pretend. Adults are beautiful creatures, too. They work and protect and keep order. But rarely do I meet adults who laugh and play and pretend, and that's sad. Growing up doesn't mean you become a statue. I am scared that in many ways I've become a statue.

The following four ways will absolutely keep you young, but I want to preface this practical advice with a spiritual truth. Youth and lightness of living only come from a hopeful soul. If you aren't secure in why you're here on earth and where you're going, you'll be a ball of angst and anxiety. If you don't have a method to deal with your depravity and the malevolence and suffering all around you, I believe you will lack sufficient reason to live youthfully.

Our Dehumanization Problem

Since the beginning of time, we people have committed atrocities against one another. The atrocities vary in type and scope, but they all share a common motivation:

We want to turn people into ideas.

Be a Weirdo and Choose to Love

Years ago, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of my grandparents. We rented a hall and got a bunch of food and drinks and filled the place with dancing and celebration and memories. (We may or may not have performed a choreographed dance to Living on Love by Alan Jackson, but let's just leave that alone.) It was a beautiful time. Half a century of marriage! That is quite a feat, and quite a reason to praise God.

All relationships are hard, but marriage is hardest. It just is. So 50 years of it meant my grandparents went through a lot. They caused each other pain and they bore each other's burdens. They cried and laughed and probably drove each other completely nuts.

But they chose love.