Parents, We Need to Hear This

I remember looking out my office window at all the slackers going home at a normal hour. My office window on the 10th floor looked directly at North Central Expressway. Soon the headlights turned on, and bumper-to-bumper they inched home, those slackers. With the hum of traffic to my back, I reviewed lease documents or sent emails or researched prospects. You know, important stuff.

After it was totally dark and the streets were nearly empty, I switched the light off and went home.

No one cared.

What It Really Means To Be Authentic

Let love be genuine. (Romans 12:9)

There is a disconnect between our behavior and our beliefs, and we all know it. That's why everyone keeps saying:

"Keep it real."

"You do you."

"Be authentic."

Okay, great. Now what does that mean, and more importantly it is something we should pursue? Just because it's a coffee cup/t-shirt/inspirational meme worthy quote doesn't mean it will actually add value to life.

Why You Should Slay Your Ego and Fight For Unity in 2018

Sure, you can lose 20 pounds and stop saying the f-word so often. There are plenty of resolutions you can make, some of which are worthwhile and nearly all of which won't last. I'm not here to offer you another idea for a resolution, because I think resolutions are ridiculous. 

As today is New Year's Day, I just want you to think about something. I ask you to consider your interaction with the people in your life: your family, friends, coworkers, baristas, teachers, and civil servants. Everyone. How often do you talk bad about other people? How often do you have ugly thoughts about people? How often do you engage in conversations online you'd never have in person? Does this bother you at all? It should.

If you aren't bothered by your ugliness toward others, stop reading now and go move to Antarctica - and don't bring a jacket. If you have a modicum of self-awareness, however, you should be well aware that you fall short in loving your fellow man. Well short.