The Injustice of the Cross

He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities
(Psalm 103:10)

I don't think we get what went down at the cross. I don't think we'll ever fully get it, but we have to understand a couple of things.

First, the sin of the world has weight. Imagine just what we're seeing through the small window of time we're currently living in. Terrorism, child abuse, rape, hunger. These are the big sins we see, but there's also the quiet rebellion of a billion souls against the God who lovingly made them, myself included. You are included, my fellow rebel. Something must be done about this sin, don't you agree? 

Remember (A Poem)

The Ephraimites forgot, though they were delivered
Protected from arrows, covered when they shivered
Backsliders, rebels, their faith withered
Okay then, wrath
Wrath like frogs in your bed, rivers of blood, locusts overhead
Terrifying wrath, hail stoning cattle dead
He discliplined those he led
And still does
To remind them
To rewind them
To incline them
To help them remember what he has done
Parted seas, broken rocks with flowing water, manna rained
He created everything, and when it broke he remained, sustained
And even while his name was profaned
A second river of blood pooled at the cross
Which made him remember our sins no more

The War of Life

This world is not home. There are many parts of it which feel like one, though. The waves of southern California, the mountains of Colorado, an encouraging word from a friend.

This world is not hell, either. The Enemy does not claim every hill, mines and snipers everywhere. Hell is being without God, and this world is unequivocally not without him.

He is here.