What I believe

I believe art is a magnifying glass to the glory of God.

I believe in the power of words to heal, comfort, inspire, entertain, and even save.

I believe poetry is a portal to a deeper understanding of the human experience.

I believe Jesus is who he said he was, and who the prophets said he would be.

I believe in belief.


A Bit About Me

I’m a lover of words and a student of God’s grace. And some other things.

My first book, Walking Through Walls, is aimed at helping the reader connect the two worlds of work and Christian faith. My second book Show Yourself a Man, is a book which helps men work out what Biblical manhood looks like in the modern world.

In addition to my writing here, I write (or have written) for The Gospel Coalition, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Unlocking the Bible, Fathom Mag, 9Marks, and The Door Church.

I am the COO/EVP of Suntech Building Systems, Inc., a commercial general contractor. We are commercial contractors serving the state of Texas. I believe the marketplace is a mission field.

I'm a family man with a lovely wife and three arrows in my quiver (Psalm 127:4). I like to write, hunt, fish, train Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and spend time outside. My family and I attend The Door Church.