What I believe

I believe despite the suffering and confusion we experience, life has deep meaning. The suffering and confusion are not random bad events, but rather refining furnaces.

I believe the world was made by God, and his fingerprints are everywhere. He still clothes the lilies.

I believe questions are worth asking. When our beliefs are based upon unquestionable truths, we stand upon a foundation of shifting sand. When we find that our beliefs have withstood questioning, we stand upon a foundation of rock. That which is true will stay true if it's true in the first place. Otherwise, we need to adjust our thinking.

I believe in depravity because I've seen the inner workings of mine. We are capable of doing and saying things that would haunt us.

I believe we are all in need of a savior, and we pursue satisfaction of this need regardless of whether we call ourselves believers, atheists, humanists, or scientists. We want salvation. We know we're drowning. We know we're dying. Our hands reach and grasp that which we think will save us. 

I believe art, truth, and beauty are love letters from God.

I believe Jesus is who he said he was, and who the prophets said he would be.

I believe in belief.


A Bit About Me

The older I get, the more I understand the power of words. Words change lives for good or bad. They can start wars and they can form marriages. They can be seeds of hope or pain. I am amazed by the power of words, and I intend to use them to positively impact other people to the best of my ability.

My first book, Walking Through Walls, is aimed at helping the reader connect the two worlds of work and Christian faith. My second book Show Yourself a Man, is a book which helps men pursue fearless manhood under the kingship of Jesus.

I love art and creativity in various forms. It is a delight to my soul to be creative and to encourage others to do the same. We all have cool stuff inside and it will beautify the world if we'll let it out.

In addition to my writing here, I write (or have written) for The Gospel Coalition, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Unlocking the Bible, Fathom Mag, 9Marks, and The Door Church.

I am the COO/EVP of Suntech Building Systems, Inc., a commercial general contractor. We are commercial contractors serving the state of Texas. I believe the marketplace is a mission field.

I'm a family man with a lovely wife and three arrows in my quiver (Psalm 127:4). I like to write, hunt, fish, train Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and spend time outside. My family and I attend The Door Church.

My hope is to shine light into your life by illuminating the truth.