Should You Read Your Bible Every Day?

There are a lot of shoulds in life. You should say thank you. You should bathe often. You should work hard.

Religious people love shoulds. You should look a certain way and talk a certain way and abstain from certain things. You should go where they say you should go and believe what they believe because, well, you just should.

Beware of shoulds.

Jesus Puts the gods Out of Business

In the times of the early church, Paul made a gigantic ruckus. He turned an entire region of the world upside down, and in so doing made many enemies. But what was his message? Was he just an instigator? Was he a fire-breathing evangelist, pitting his religion against the other religions?

Sort of.

Paul offered something different. Something true. You had Greeks worshiping gods like Artemis and Jews denying the resurrection. Paul did not bring yet another god to appease, or perform for, or to hide from.

A Word About Those Snowflake Millennials

I'm not old enough to know if we've always done this to the younger generation, but it seems it's quite popular these days to bash the Millennial generation. They are snowflakes. They are entitled. They are basement-dwelling, Cheetoh dust encrusted, no job-having losers of no repute, or so so the story goes.

The age range of Millennials is debated, but the Pew Research Center defines the birth years of Millennials as being from 1981 - 1996, so let's just go with that. Technically, I fall within that group, having been born in 1983.

There are so many angles to looking at a generation of people, but I want to share some thoughts on how Millennials got here and what we can learn from them.