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Walking Through Walls is DONE!

Walking Through Walls is DONE!

And, like that, a book is written. It is my first book and thus the process was foreign to me. Editing, proofing, editing again. Oh yeah, then editing again. Lucid Books, my publisher has been a wonderful partner through the process and they have remained responsive and encouraging.

Walking Through Walls is a long drive down a fork-in-the-road different from my initial intent. It morphed as I wrote. One thing I learned is that my next book (God-willing there is another) will have a solid outline before I start writing. For WTW my outline changed a few times as the content changed. All good changes, but for a project of this size you don’t want your outline changing once, let alone several times. Or so I learned.

It is an odd experience spending this much time with your thoughts. Most of our thoughts are perishable by the moment and like a puff of smoke, they disappear quickly. When you write a book, you must first form the thoughts, then articulate the thoughts in some rough fashion, and then you must shape what you wrote into a coherent package. The thinking and initial writing are a ton of fun and the shaping/editing are not quite so much. But I have spent many hours (days really) with the content of WTW, and having put the final touches on the content, I am really proud of what it has become.

But I am not proud because I look at the book and think I did anything. I didn’t. I am no Hemingway nor am I a prophet. What I am is a regular dude who, like a sailboat being blown on the wind, was fortunate enough to have God’s Spirit blow through my life and create movement. It is my earnest hope that my words are His words and that this book brings Him honor by blessing His children (you).

It is hard to explain how grateful I am to God and to you, the person reading this. Unless you somehow got this forwarded to you or you stumbled upon it, odds are you have supported me as I wrote this book. Maybe it was your prayers or maybe it was a simple “how’s the book coming?” Maybe you threw down your hard-earned dollars on the Kickstarter campaign. Regardless, if you supported this effort I want to say thank you. Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I came into this project inspired and I finished it with a heart full of thankfulness.

From here, the book will be printed and I’ll see a proof and then I’ll get it approved and then it’ll be a no-kidding real life book you can buy and read. That will be somewhere around the end of this year (which is later than I hoped, but my part of the editing took longer than expected).

And I need your help. Again.

When you shop for books on Amazon, how do you decide what book to buy? Or let me ask that a different way, what do you think of a book with 3 reviews averaging a 3.5 vs. a book with 50 reviews averaging a 4.5? If you’re anything like me, you assume the reviewers are pretty decent and the 50 review book is worth buying. So here is the next goal: I want to reach 75 reviews on Amazon. And that’s easier said than done.

50 of you supported the Kickstarter and so that means well over 50 books will be shipped out when ready (many got 2 or 3 with their Kickstarter investment). If those 50 people will review the book and give away the extra copies with a request that the recipient review the book, we’ll meet the goal within two months. If new buyers of the book add some reviews as well, we’ll do even better.

When you’re a big time author, you schedule a book tour and you go speak where your publicist tells you and your social media profile is so popular it’s hard to keep up with. When you’re an obscure normal guy with a young family, a busy career, and a church to help pastor, you launch books a little differently. I am counting on the content of the book and the power of you, my network, to help sell this book. I truly believe that God compelled me to write this thing and I’m going to hustle to make it sell – both to change lives and to provide funds for The Door Church – but I believe that God provides the increase. He makes things grow. I trust He will move here.

Here is the deal: your work matters. It matters a lot. Whether you are 24 or 84 your contribution to the world through work matters. But work isn’t the Holy Grail. Work is a vehicle to draw near to God and to serve other people. It’s that simple. If you treat your work as worship, you’ll enjoy a belly full of joy. If you treat your job as slavery or you work to accumulate a bunch of stuff, you’ll get a heart full of ache. The mindset is the linchpin and I hope that WTW will help frame your mindset.


If you’d like to book me to speak about the topic of faith and work, shoot me an email at I’ll also be looking to do book signings so if you’d like to discuss that, drop me a line.

Walking Through Walls is Available on Amazon!

Walking Through Walls is Available on Amazon!

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