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Let's Do This.

This blog has been sitting in the corner of my life for quite a while now, collecting dust while I work on other things.  I never liked the thought of being a blogger, but I do like to write - so I guess the two intersect. 

Joyfully Yoked has not sat quietly in the corner, however.  God has continued to force it into my mind and heart and I kept my finger on that red launch button for a while, afraid I don't have enough time.  Or I'm not a blogger.  Or no one will read it. 

God enters into those types of doubts and by His very presence they move away, like a ship displacing water.  In Matthew 6:34 Jesus tells us not to be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  That means today has a certain value, an immediacy.  We live life in increments of now and today is now.  Now is a gift and it's all we have.

So here we go, my friends.  This is post one of _____ ?  I'll post as often as possible and I hope you'll provide feedback on how this site can better serve you.

When the people you are leading aren't getting it...