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Book Giveaway: The Go-Giver

Book Giveaway: The Go-Giver

As a nerd, I have more books than space.  I love to read and so I try to keep from driving Lindsay crazy by leaving books everywhere in the house.  (I usually fail.)

One of the first interviews we did at Joyfully Yoked was with Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver (Bob wrote the book with John David Mann).  Bob, true to his message in The Go-Giver, was incredibly gracious during the process and we really like Bob.

The Go-Giver is a parable about generosity and the pursuit of serving others as the driver for success.  Joe, a young up-and-comer, is trying to take the world by storm in his career but he's going about it backwards.  His journey changes when he is introduced to a sage named Pindar and...(you'll have to read the rest).  Dave Ramsey established this book as required reading for his team and if you just look at who endorsed this book, you'll be in.

I just finished The Go-Giver, and instead of using it as shelf paper or a decoration on the first flat surface I can find in my house, I want you to have it (it's unmarked and in great condition, by the way).  It is way too good not to share.

Here is what you do:

Enter a comment here and tell us what generosity at work means to you.  (Share via Facebook and Twitter and we'll count it as 3 entries.)

("Work" means whatever your hands do to produce on a daily basis and this includes school, mothering kids, business, and really anything except you playing Halo until you have carpal tunnel syndrome.)

We will select the best response and drop the book in the mail to you.  This is not a paid contest or endorsed by Bob or John David Mann and I'm not sure what else to put in a disclaimer - but basically this is us giving you a book because we love you and because The Go-Giver is a great book.


For Profit.  For a Reason.

For Profit. For a Reason.

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