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What is Next for Joyfully Yoked

What is Next for Joyfully Yoked

God is running ahead of us.  We are like little kids trying to keep up with their dad.  We heard this quote yesterday from Chariots of Fire (haven't seen it):

"When I run, I feel His pleasure."

We find ourselves running hard and feeling His pleasure.  Joyfully Yoked is gaining traction, to say the least.  For all of you who read, comment, share, and provide words of encouragement, we appreciate you dearly and you put wind in our sails.

As we (the two Brads) strategize and create new content for Joyfully Yoked, let us reiterate our mission:

To help people connect their faith in Jesus with their vocation - whatever that may be.

That is our aim.  That is our heart.

The average person spends over 83,000 straight hours working during their lifetime.  That equates to 3,466 straight 24 hour days.  We believe passionately that this time should be redeemed and that Jesus should have His way with our work, both practically (how we work tactically) and spiritually (direction and calling).

Here is what we are up to:

Blog.  You can expect a minimum of 4 posts per week of written word.  We will add other content to that mix at times (infographics, for example).  But we are committed to 4x per week.  Saturdays and Mondays are mission-critical times and we are committed to a post on these two days.  But expect 4 posts.

Book.  We are hard at work on the book.  We are writing and rewriting.  As Bill Hendricks says, "you gotta get it down before you get it good."  We are getting it down right now and we are committed to making it great.  Please pray for us, because we believe this book is going to be massively life-changing.  We will need your help to spread the word.

Social Media.  We have an active Facebook and Twitter presence.  These are our two primary channels for the time being.  We are grateful when you share or like Joyfully Yoked content as this helps us get the word out and impact a broader audience.

Video.  We shot our first video interview yesterday and I do not exaggerate when I say the content of this video will change your life.  We have some incredibly exciting interviews lined up and video is a medium that we believe is relevant and impactful - so we're leaning in there.

Other mediums.  We will engage in whatever mediums are most relevant, but we will make sure we do that well.  Meaning we have considered other mediums that will pursue in the future, but want to make sure we pursue excellence in where we have committed currently.

Lastly, we need your help.  If you believe in what we are doing at Joyfully Yoked and the content impacts your life by helping tie your faith into your work, please share the content with your network.  Please also let us hear from you.  We would love to know your story and we would find it very helpful to know how you like the content to be delivered (email, Twitter, Facebook, the site, etc.).

May the Lord tear down the wall between our faith and work.  May we all truly do work that matters.

Much love,



photo credit: John Ragai via Flickr



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