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Did God Need a Breather?

Did God Need a Breather?

Have you ever thought about the concept of God resting? Does He put the world on autopilot for a bit? Does He even need to rest?

In Genesis 2, God rests. I haven't done a word study on 'rest,' but I'm going to assume the translators did a decent job and that rest means rest. Not working. Not creating man and woman and the world and everything in it. Stillness.

Now this begs the question why? Why did God rest?

Well, He could have been tired. And He sure did have a long 6 days. It would be normal for anyone other than an omnipotent (all powerful) God to be tired. Naw, I just don't see how God could have been worn out.

Perhaps - and this is my take - God was making a point. A work/rest balance is crucial, so crucial that He would vote with His cosmic calendar. Maybe God wasn't tired but in His infinite wisdom He decided a period of not work after a long period of work was the right move. God always makes the right moves.

Sunday is the day we've chosen as a culture, but we don't have to rest on Sunday. You can choose another day or two. But we must rest.

Here's why:

1. God commands it (trump card). God knows what's best and He commands it. So obey.

2. We get exhausted. Part of the curse of sin is that by the sweat of our face we shall eat bread. Our energy is a renewable but finite resource. We need to recharge.

3. Rest brings a fresh perspective. When you sit still and turn off the fire hose of work and busyness, the etch-a-sketch of your brain clears up. We arrive back to work fresh and ready.

4. Rest shows trust. When we stop working, we put God to the test. Does He continue to feed you, clothe you, and put a roof over your head? Yeah, He sure does. Rest is a free fall exercise and we fall right into the arms of God.

I'm bad at this. I tend to work often and always, but I'm...well...working on it. The value of rest is clear when it comes from the mouth of God. 


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