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Interview With Best-Selling Author Jeff Goins

Interview With Best-Selling Author Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins is a Nashville-based writer, speaker, and consultant. His most recent book, The Art of Work, is enthusiastically endorsed by the likes of Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, and Stephen Pressfield. Pretty legit. I remember seeing The Art of Work in the hands of a friend years ago, and since then I have discovered that Jeff has a lot to say about the topic of work. He has great insights about turning our career into a meaningful adventure. If you haven't already, go grab his book.

I connected with Jeff to ask some of the questions most of us wrestle with from time to time regarding work. His answers were wise and helpful.

We Americans have an issue with work. While we are hard-working, we are statistically disenfranchised with our vocation. Why are we so checked out?

I think we see work as a means to an end, as opposed to the end itself. Work is good. We were meant to work and to use our talents in meaningful ways. That doesn’t mean work shouldn’t be hard, but it does mean that it shouldn’t be drudgery. I think for many people, this paradigm is no longer working. The end doesn’t justify the means. We want a better means, even if that means taking a pay cut to do something that’s ultimately more fulfilling and meaningful.

There are a lot of people who are sitting on their hands because they don't know what to do. How do they get started on the mission to find their calling?

Clarity comes with action. You don’t wait for clarity before you act. You act your way into clarity. Start with an apprenticeship; serve someone else’s dream until you catch a vision for your own life.

In what ways do you believe creativity plays a role in our work?

I think all work is creative, or at least it can be. We tend to think of creativity as frivolous, so we naturally assume creative work is somehow less serious. But that’s just not true. The most important work in the world requires creativity — which for means doing something that is both original and useful.

As a person of faith in Jesus, I want to know that my faith matters on an eternal scale. Does God care about our work?

I think so, because God created work. Even Adam and Eve had jobs to do in Eden. Sadly, I see a lot of Christians treating their work just as a job instead of an important part of their calling. That frankly is disrespectful to your employer and doesn’t honor the biblical definition of work. We should treat whatever work we do — whether at home or at the office — as an important, God-given assignment.

What do you have going on right now that you are excited about? How can people connect with you and engage with your work?

I’m still super excited about how The Art of Work is changing lives. Currently, I’m doing a free book study that people can get at, and that’s been a great experience. People can find me at and get a free excerpt of my latest book there as well.
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