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Hondo Creek and the Bible

Hondo Creek and the Bible

Hondo Creek rises in Bandera County, Texas and runs 67 miles to its mouth in Pearsall, Texas. I get to see it a couple of times a year when I travel south on bird hunts.

I've seen Hondo Creek bone dry with barely a puddle here and there. In dry years, it is quite dry.

Last summer, we headed to Hondo for our annual dove hunt. We were told they had gotten rain. As we headed north on 462 out of town, everything was lush and green. Hondo Creek runs into 462 several times and we noticed it held plenty of slow moving clear water.

After dropping our gear at the lodge and settling in, we walked down to the creek. We brought coolers, dogs, and my fly rod. The sun flashed off the surface of the cool water as we waded in. The dogs swam and played.

I am a fairly awful fisherman, but I love to fish. I tied on a grasshopper fly and began to make casts at the bank as I stood in the creek. The line got tight and started moving, which is a foreign experience for a bad fisherman. I began to reel as the guys came over to see what was on the line. Another cast or five and another fish. We caught Largemouth Bass and a beautiful little fish called a Rio Grande Cichlid. We passed the rod back and forth. It was like a dream.

But remember, sometimes Hondo Creek is bone dry.

Sometimes when I read God's word, it's Cichlids and swimming bird dogs. Other times, it's a dry creek bed.

Or so it seems.

Too often I forget Isaiah 55:11:

so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
    it shall not return to me empty,
but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
    and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

The key is showing up. It might seem like your reading of Revelation just makes your head spin in circles, but God will succeed in accomplishing his purpose through his word. Maybe your confusion is meant to magnify the unsearchable majesty of God. Maybe your fortieth reading of Matthew will be the time when God shows you a new angle to the grace of Christ.

I'm going to keep heading to Hondo Creek, in and out of season. And I am going to keep heading to the treasure trove of Scripture. In and out of season.

Because no matter how dry it seems, there's always a Cichlid of truth under the bank.

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