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Seeking the Sustainable

Seeking the Sustainable

Last night my kids had their first sleepover together. It was in my daughters room. We made a bed for my son Liam next to his sister's bed. They were supposed to go to bed around 8:00, but they laughed and giggled and played until 10:00.

Before we put the kids to bed, Liam told me he had a plan. His plan was to have a sleepover every other night for the rest of his life. He had his suitcase packed with clothes and snacks for him and his sister Lila. It was all figured out - he was good to go.

What was Liam seeking?

Liam was looking for something permanent. He was looking for something sustainable. He wanted the joy to go on forever. We want the same thing.

In Psalm 16, David says "I have a beautiful inheritance". What he is getting at is a hope secure in good things to come. This is what we want. We are looking for is something that will last forever - a hope that will endure. What we are looking for is offered in Christ.

The permanence we seek is a hunger for a relationship with God, whether we know it or not. We long for him eternally and yet we foolishly try to fill the gaps in our hearts with things that are temporary. These temporary gap fillers will never satisfy us. They are passing away.

The vacation will end.

The money will spend.

Sleepovers don't last forever.

Ultimately, what we long for is a love that will not die. We long for a life that does not end so we can bask in this undying love. We long for a future that rolls out in front of us forever and ever.

Our hope is well-founded. Our future, if secured by the hands of Christ, is secure. So we walk by faith in a God that we have not seen, but we will see him some day. And we will see him in the forever place. The sustainable place.

Because his love endures forever.

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