a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Dolls and Bows

Your hair looks, um
Like an exotic bird
Not in a good way
You're dressed to catch my attention, so I see you
And I do - but not like that
I see a little girl all dressed up
I see you when you wore pigtails and frilly dresses
I see you cross-legged with dolls and bows
A stable of different color plastic stallions
And dreams, expectant dreams
But where I meet you today
This ocean of concrete and cars, you hurry inside the store
I see the chasm between now and then, dear sister
I know you just want to be that pigtailed girl again
Before Mom drank herself still
And bills piled up
Before your phone told a story that everyone's perfect except you
And your ex-husband married his work
Those little girls of your own, though
Yeah I know they give you hope
Look through their dreams like a kaleidoscope
Their life is dolls and bows
And you vicariously travel back in time through their smiles
But do not give up and leave our soul
Like an abandoned car that ran out of gas
Life is a rollercoaster off the tracks
But there's this Man I know
He will not leave you
He calls all of us to come like a child
Smiles and giggles and all
And I think He wants you to know:
It's okay, sweetheart - go ahead
You're safe with me
It's okay, darling
You can bring dolls and bows to my house
But no tears and no fears
I've got you forever

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