a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Sojourners in Shadows

You came from Nuevo Laredo
A stack of bills, meet me at dark
A van, a truck, the trunk of a Buick
Thirsty and hungry
Your Father's resoled boots your prized possession
You found work after the long walk
In a land where people spoke in a different tongue
And lived like kings
But they don't smile at you
Anonymous brown worker in dirty clothes
You bunk with a friend of a friend
But no rest
Cash under the mattress
Keep enough to eat, send the rest home
Well, maybe keep enough for a six pack
Pounds melt away in the Texas heat
Unaware of the political maelstrom aimed at you
But aware enough to slip la migra
You're getting good at framing
Working a steady pace
The sun carves canyons on your face
Your dark eyes red-rimmed
Your heart is somewhere else
The smells of your mother's kitchen
The slower pace
Familiar faces
Who see you for who you really are

Always Okay

Dolls and Bows