a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Feeding Little Mouths

We must feed them
That which is pure and clean
That which will nourish deeply
That which stains their soul's marrow white
And puts air beneath the wings of hope
And gives cause to endure and risk - and live
Perspective when the world is cruel
Humility to know their sacred smallness
A story in which they live
This spiritual food lasts, yet hunger pangs return
Our souls are insatiable in this place
And these little ones are hungry like us
If fed, their souls will grow
And they will be full, yet they will still seek
Answers and reasons and why and why
Until someday, God-willing, they learn
And begin to put hand to mouth
Gospel to hungry heart
And start a new cycle with their young
New mouths to feed
Until the Shepherd returns to feed us all

Rag Doll

Plants Full Grown