a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Head and Heart

Dear Head:
You're a little complicated
But you store up facts
Synapses fire
Sorting information, keeping track
If I rely upon you alone
I may be a fool
Too smart to get out of the rain
Or puffed up like a walking brain

Dear Heart:
You do not merely distribute blood
I am not just talking about the muscle
You deal not only with what I can, but also what I should
Passions, emotions, faith, struggle
You are the fountainhead of who I am
If I rely on you alone
I may be a drooling fool
But maybe I'd be at home

Head and heart are interdependent
But we swing back and forth
Why are we so reluctant
To unite them into one force
Think and feel
Reason and bravery
And love
Not either/or

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