a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

The Scandalizer

Your system is broken
I'm here to fix it
The law won't save you, nor can it kill you
The point, you've missed it
It's clear you're hunting me
Setting all kinds of traps
But the time is not right
I've got to feed thousands from scraps
And meet the outcasts at the well
And give the blind sight
And do heart transplants
When it's time, you won't have to force me
I'll go of my own volition
I'll offer my wrists, ankles, and side
To free you from your prison
I am the scandal
From which all good revolution comes
I am the door, the rescuer
You won't like it when I say this, but
I am God's son

Knock, Knock

The Foreman and the Bricklayer