a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Knock, Knock

The dogs are barking
Someone is knocking
Or something
The door is ripped off its hinges
Fire and blood and pain flood in
You look for air
There is no air
Only terror, it's not fair
Life was a sailboat with just enough wind
Enough food to eat and money to spend
But suffering paid a visit and moved in
Yeah, it came to my house too
I have a question, though
Since we're all gonna meet it
What do you do when it slips past the threshold?
Do you hide under the bed?
Do the kids see your dread?
Do you shake your fist at the Lord?
Demand to know what for?
Or do you answer the door?
Fling it open, fists clenched
Come on in, you bastard
You will not beat me
I will not go quietly
Do you know my King?
Yeah, he's standing right behind you
And he's about to turn you into joy
And hope
Tears of refreshment for my soul
So knock, knock all you want
You know my address
And I know my King

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