a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

An Offering

The only bath I've had in days
Is your gray exhaust
You drive by on the phone
In another world, lost

I've been here for years and I can't count 'em
This pavement my living room
It doesn't matter how, or why
I hope it ends soon

You think I'm here because of my choices
And I should get a job
And put down the tall boy
And the rock

You're right, man
But I didn't grow up like you
I was raised by pain, fathered by violence
Baptized in the broken stew

So I'll pass my cup
An offering plate of desperation
And you'll act like you're on the phone
Or messing with the radio station

I'm not judging you
You probably have done it right
Went to school, got a job, had some kids
Doesn't your future look bright?

And me, yeah here I sit
Foul and tanned in the shade of these trees
Only hope I got in the world
Is that Jesus said something about the least of these

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