a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Exit Ahead

It is well paved
Busy but moving along at a good clip
The center divider is straight, the median nicely mowed
The other drivers look straight ahead
Just get in the flow, get in the flow
Don't talk of those old stodgy things
Slower traffic keep right
But there's an unmarked exit up the road
A little farm to market you can barely see
Old ruts, uphill the whole way
Winding through violent territory
Where snarling men wait for travelers
And tranquilize them with comforts of the main road
Do not stop for a second
After a while you'll have to walk
Ditch your car
Just leave it unlocked, it doesn't matter
Keep walking, keep walking
The path is obvious, don't worry
You will know where you're going
But it'll hurt much of the way
Don't turn back, don't turn back
You will feel very alone on this path
Joined only by the chatter of locusts
And the occasional fellow traveler
Share your water with him, cover him with your jacket
Trade stories and maybe a good paperback
Carry his load for a bit
And keep going
I want you to remember a promise
I want you to know this road is called faith
And you will not make it to the end without dying
Sorry, it's the way it is
You'll collapse on the road
And I hope you'll be weathered and weary
And smiling, white teeth against road-tanned cheeks
As you lay there, panting, fading
You will know it
I have carried you the whole way
And you're right on time
Your room is ready
Dinner's at seven
Come as you are, my son
Welcome home.

Raw Material of the Precious Kind

Raw Material of the Precious Kind

The Man of Valor