a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

Hallelujah No Matter What

I live within an aquarium of your
sovereign will, plants and rocks
arranged for joy in your glory.
Outside the aquarium is chaos,
molotov cocktails and blood
utterances. Ambushes of riches
and little kingdoms of hell.

If I am honest, Lord, some days
I press on the glass walls as I
walk through my days. I do not
want out by any means. The
thought liquifies my heart. No,
I just want a vantage point from
which to see the happenings to

And then I remember a hill. A
hill on which criminals were
killed on both sides of you.
From this hill I cannot see
everything, but I see exactly
what I need to see. Grace
drips from the eaves of my
home because you climbed
that hill with my condemnation
on your back.

This morning the gentle rain
tapped whispers around the
yard. Your Word poured fresh
into my weary container.
I do not know tomorrow,
but I know this:

Hallelujah no matter what.

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