a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

My Depravity Beautifies the Birds

My depravity beautifies the birds,
their colors leaping off their bodies.

I do not deserve to see them.

Each day I am a man released from
the dungeon of my ramshackle kingdom.

I walk through the gates which God
has blown wide open, and inhale.

It smells like grace here.

Were I to be alongside Adam and Eve,
I would have begged for a bite.

My mouth would have watered at the
prospect of personal sovereignty.

And yet.

And yet the Lord conquered me
softly without sword or arrow.

I died in his arms and breathed my last
condemned breath.

The next breath was from his mouth,
and I pray to spend forever breathing thus.

Because I am a freed man with the
leisure to gaze gratefully at his birds.

I saw a robin this morning on my roof,
and I wasn’t wearing chains.

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