a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

On Theology #1

Sometimes theology climbs down
from the pulpit.

It is a delightful infestation,
when that which we know is True
awakes in our cells.

This usually happens when
your bones hurt.

Not always, though.

We crane our necks to
create doctrine,
sand particles figuring
the tide.
It is not a fool’s errand
because the Spirit’s
testimony enriches
our silliness into
holiness and the Word
speaks through words
on crinkly pages.

Oh yeah — and we can talk with Him.

To know in the Biblical sense
is to know, as in:
your wife
August heat

The preacher prepares us
for pain; that is, to transform
suffering into rejoicing by
remembering Jesus who
offers hope with free refills.

Knowing happens in the Father’s time,
which is sometimes as slow as
coagulating blood on wood.

The end is not solitary happiness,
thanks and see you later.

The end is to know God himself
here in this divorce court of life
and someday, forevermore
and tearless.

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