a voice crying out in the postmodern wilderness

The Thread

We scan for coherent futures
with incoherent eyes

Consider the future with
temporal minds

That is it!
This is where I'm headed
Until it arrives

And then, a surprise
"I never would have thought..."

We are daily beings,
moving through the lines

Desperate for truth, and
busy telling lies

You'd think with this blind wandering
we'd fall to our demise

But there is a Thread.

There is a Thread of truth
which does not wonder or wane
It stays the same, just beyond
the pane
of here

We see through a portal
of pages

We hear through talking back in
maniacal night prayers

Feel as we hug hospital-gowned
wanderers three steps ahead

Remember in corporate praise roars
to the heavens

Feeling for hope
Step by step
Pulled along by the Thread

On Theology #1

Spirit and Truth