Show Yourself a Man

End the Confusion. Form Your Identity. Forge Your Manhood.

Brad Larson answers the serious crisis of manhood in our time with a serious book. He is clear, he is learned and he is fierce. He calls us to restore what has been lost to us through a loss of valiant manhood. Every man needs this book and needs to live out the important truths in its pages."
~Stephen Mansfield, New York Times best-selling author
"Brad lays the cornerstone and builds the foundation for structuring a morally sound and well-built life. he accommodates those who need corrections as well as those seeking a path and ultimately conveys the key concept that a man must lead by faith and example. The Moore family sees our father stride through these pages and can see Brad's theme lived out in the life our father lived until his passing in February 2017."
~Family of LTG (RET) Hal Moore 

Men are in trouble.

They lag behind women 4 to 3 in obtaining a college degree. Men are increasingly absent in the home. A large swath of working age men have disappeared from the labor force. Men are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide than women. There have even been studies which suggest testosterone levels in men have decreased over the past 20 years. Society tells a man a million different versions as to what he should be and what he should not be.

Men are understandably confused.

We have been outsourced. We wonder if we’re even needed anymore. We can put food on our table by pressing buttons and we don’t need to fight. We have grown soft and aimless. We wonder as we wander.

I’m not saying we’re losers; I am just saying we have a long way to go. But do you long to approach life like Jesus? Do you want to end the confusion, form your identity, and forge your manhood? Do you want to unearth your insecurities and throw them off a cliff? Do you want to look your fears in the face and move toward them? Do you want to put a bullet in the head of your idols?

Good. This book is for you.

Ten years ago I sat with a cup of coffee and two great men – my dad and my uncle – to begin the research process for this book. Over the past decade, I have read, studied, and observed the commonalities among strong, godly men. God has richly blessed me with an abundance of outstanding men to learn from, and I have taken notes. It is now my intention to share what I have learned. I am not the example, but I do hope to be a guide.