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recalibrate your life every monday morning.

Sundays Into Mondays is a weekly devotional published on Mondays. The purpose of the devotional is to calibrate the reader’s heart to Christ.

A lot of us worship God on the weekends. We ride the high from a great sermon and stirring worship music. But then Monday smacks us like a sucker punch. Real life happens.

Jesus lived the sinless life we could never live, died the death we deserved, and rose from death - thereby conquering sin and the grave. This is the good news, the “gospel”. For those of us in Christ, we have an eternal inheritance and a citizenship in the kingdom of heaven.

We are designed to live life in light of the gospel. With every breath we should inhale the glory of God and exhale praise. But sometimes we don’t.

We need to calibrate ourselves to Christ.

Calibrate (verb)
to standardize (something, such as a measuring instrument) by determining the deviation from a standard so as to ascertain the proper correction factors

Sundays Into Mondays will, if I have accomplished my mission, center the reader upon Jesus Christ by expounding upon biblical truth. Each devotional will be short enough to read relatively quickly and will point to Scripture. I highly recommend you do not treat Sundays Into Mondays as your Scripture reading, but rather it should be a supplement. Devotions will be based upon Scripture, but nothing replaces worshipful and intimate Bible reading in the life of a believer.

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